Meme My Whole Ass

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I’m so angry I can’t fucking do anything right

it’s just sleep darlings. only this and nothing more

little ones please don’t fret please don’t worry. I love you all very much, but please dint waste your energy. it’s too late for me, but you’ve all the power in the world to become something great

hey, this is it for me guys. I wish you all the best, and I’m sorry it had to be this way. continue working towards greatness. you all are capable of such wonderful things. thanks for the fun everyone. I’m sorry

We all return to stardust in the end

all that’s left to say is sorry. it doesn’t fix anything but.

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I don’t do a particularly good impression of either character, but OH WELL, DID IT ANYWAY.

This is so beautiful there is not a day I will not reblog this

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You wouldn’t download a god


ofcourse not, everyone knows that downloaded gods are incredibly unstable. it’s best to use a summoning circle to kidnap gods, summoning circles also double as spell circles to bind your stolen god to any in-animate object you may wish to empower.

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