Meme My Whole Ass

Im getting in n out tonight w a cute girl, what r u doing with ur life???

Yo some people really suffer from social paranoia and anxiety and are likely to worry that posts like that may be about them and that doesn't necessarily mean "the shoe fits"

In any other case I would agree with you but this is a situation in which it’s more than appropriate

TFW u accidentally awaken a Centurion 😰😰😰

that wasn’t actually about you but uh. If the shoe fits etc etc #awkward


I spawned a dragon from fast traveling then spawned the quest related dragon booyaa

at the risk of sounding like a bitch, spare me your sob stories about how you can’t believe I would do such a thing

I have my friends who stood with me through my abuse, my recent suicide attempt, and everything else. They know me better than you can dream to, and more importantly, they can see through a thinly veiled attempt by an abuser to punish the abused for getting away and speaking out.

they matter. and quite frankly, chances are you don’t.

My bra size should be C-4 cause these are some bomb ass titties


ah you’re playing smash bros? i love that game. the way those bros just [clenches fist] fricking smash

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Wow buddy you are a really close minded person I am sorry. Fun fact: no one can control being straight if thats how they were born. Being in the majority does not make you some evil pisslord.


I am very scared of straight people. What if one bites me in my sleep? I don’t want to turn into one.


Need ideas for pumpkin carving????


Need ideas for pumpkin carving????

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